DDR4 3200 vs 3600 RAM Complete User Guide

DDR4 technology is available with different specifications with different performance levels(DDR4-3200, DDR4-3600, DDR4-4000, and many others). In this article, we will just talk about DDR4-3200 vs DDR4-3600 ram. DDR4 3200 is a cheaper ram than DDR 3600 but a little slow. On the other hand, DDR4 3600 ram is faster in performance but expensive.

3200 vs 3600 ram, Which RAM is good for your specific need? A completer guide on DDR4 3200 and DDR4 3600 ram is provided in this article and you will be amazed to know the key difference between these two RAMs. But one thing to remember is that this price varies from brand to brand. The price difference and performance difference in these two RAMs is discussed in this guide.

Just follow the given instructions below and read this article till the end to make a better decision. After reading this article all your confusion will clear up for sure and a few recommendations are also given for you to make an instant decision.


What is DDR4 memory?

DDR4 is a brand-new type of memory, and it’s different from other memories in two ways. First, it’s non-ESP memory, which means that it has no references to other computers or devices. Second, it’s a brand-new type of memory that doesn’t require a power cord, and it can be used with standard PC monitors.

This guide will teach you how to choose the best DDR4 memory for your computer. We’ll also show you how to set up and use this new memory.

You don’t need a specific driver routine to use DDR4 memories! They’re just like all the other memories in that they can be used with standard PC monitors.

What is DDR4 3200 RAM?

The most affordable type of RAM for computers is DDR4 3200. That’s a size of memory that’s available in a wide range of prices. It’s available at a variety of speeds, but its speed is its key selling point. It’s the type of RAM that your computer will use when it needs to run faster than the alternative, like slow-paced applications or movies.

What is DDR4 3600 RAM?

DDR4 3600 is faster than DDR-3200. It’s a form of memory that is designed to run on high-end computers. It has a higher speed and holds more data than DDR4-3200 RAM.

3200 vs 3600 RAM Performance difference:

DDR4-3600 has faster performance than DDR4-3200. Why that’s faster? The reason is that DDR4-3600 has a clock speed of 3.6 billion cycles per second. This clock speed is well enough for any type of heavy work like live streaming, playing games, running other heavy software, and much more. This clock speed will never disturb the speed and performance. You will get maximum performance by using this RAM.

While on the other hand, DDR4-3200 has a clock speed of 3.2 billion cycles per second. It doesn’t mean that this clock speed is not suitable for your system. It totally depends on your type of work. If you want to use your system for office use and other general daily routine work then this is well enough for your need.

3200 vs 3600 RAM Price difference:

As you know that DDR4-3600 is faster than DDR4-3200 so there is a little difference between the price of both RAMs. In general, DDR4-3600 is a little costly because it offers you better performance. But this price varies from brand to brand. Different brands offer different price ranges. If you compare these two products in the same brand then you will notice that 3600MHz rams will be available at high rates than 3200MHZ rams.

There is a question mark here! Why pay a high price? The answer is straightforward, if you want higher performance then you have to pay a little more money. For example, if you’re a gamer or loves to stream online then you must need a high-performance system.

Memory Capacity:

RAM stores data in gigabytes, there are multiple options for you to select a specific memory space. More the memory space faster the system performance as more and more instructions can stay in random access memory during execution so the system will give high performance than a system limited small amount of random access memory.

Both DDR4 3200 and DDR4 3600 have equal memory capacity, both can store up to 64GB of memory. It’s up to you how much larger memory you want to use but it again depends on your work requirements. The recommended memory size is 16GB but 8Gb memory can also handle your requirements, if you want to acquire a system for a heavy workload then 16GB or even 32GB memory should be your preference.


Both the products support 1.2v – 1.4v, so both can be adjusted in any type of motherboard. All the motherboards support an equal power supply with the same volts. You need not worry about its power consumption the things that really matter for you is price and performance.


The important thing to remember is that you should never buy RAM unless it is specifically mentioned on the website as being a good thing. For example, there are websites that say that RAM is the most important purchase you will make for your computer. But as soon as you buyRAM for your computer, be sure that it is really worth your time and money. It is important to have something that can last and provide the best possible experience for your computer.

Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2 X 8GB) DDR4 3600 MHz

  • High performance with generous overclocking headroom.
  • Vengeance LPX is optimized compatible with the latest Intel and AMD DDR4 motherboards.
  • Low-profile height
  • Solid aluminum heat spreader efficiently
  • Supports Intel XMP 2.0
  • Available in multiple colors
Form FactorDIMM
RAM Memory TechnologyDDR4
Computer Memory Size16 GB
Memory Speed3600 MHz

Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB DDR4 RAM has more than 50k happy users review on Amazon, You can also compare this product with other products available in the market but this gives you more satisfactory results. You can choose even 3200MHz, 3500MHz, or 4000MHz of size with the same brand and quality.

Crucial RAM 16GB DDR4 3200MHz CL22 (or 2933MHz or 2666MHz)

DDR4 3200 ram
  • Improve your system’s responsiveness
  • Run apps faster and multitask with ease
  • Compatibility assurance
  • Micron quality and reliability
  • ECC Type = Non-ECC, Pin Count = 260, PC Speed =
Digital Storage Capacity 16 GB
Compatible DevicesLaptop, Desktop
SeriesCrucial Memory
Form Factor 260-Pin_SO-DIMM
Number of Items1

Crucial RAM 16GB DDR4 3200MHz is a top-rated product on Amazon and has 65k+ reviews of happy customers. The reason behind so many reviews is the performance of this product. You will never face any performance breakdown while using this Crucial 16GB DDR4 3200MHz RAM.

How to Choose the Right RAM for Your computer

No matter what your computer’s needs are, you’ll want to choose RAM that is compatible with it. This means that you should be able to purchase it without needing a level of knowledge in order to work with it.

First look at your requirements and then you can easily decide whether you need a faster one or an average one, it depends on your requirements.

How to Save Money on your Computer ram

When it comes to RAM, one of the most important factors is not just how many applications are running on your system, but how fast these applications are to give the response is what matters the most.

You don’t need as much memory on your computer as you thought! The thing to keep in mind is that computers have a life and a space for RAM is equal in both directions. That said, there is no “ideal” amount of RAM that is too low-performing or too high-capacity; it will be determined by your type of needs.

If you just want to use your laptop for general office work or watching movies or videos on social media then don’t waste your money on heavy hardware. You need a system with normal specifications. If money is not an issue then you will be happy to invest in heavy specifications and a faster system.

The thing to keep in mind is that computers have a life and a space for RAM is equal in both directions. That said, there is no “ideal” amount of RAM that is too low-performing or too high-capacity; it will be determined by your specific needs. You can find the information you need on an online forum or online store.

3200 vs 3600 RAM User guide:

As I mentioned earlier in this article that DDR4 3600 is faster than DDR4 3200. But there is a price difference between these two RAMs. Again the point arrives on your requirements and needs. If you’re a hard-core gamer then you should choose DDR-3600 which will make your system faster even in handling multiple programs at the same time. DDR3600 will never show you any buffering or lagging. You will enjoy fast gameplay by using this RAM. But DDR4-3200 is well enough for your general use, it will also give you a better speed in general daily routine work.


Is 3600MHz ram overkill?

The simple answer is "No", 3600MHz ram is the best fit with the latest AMD super-fast processors and works well with your heavy load. If you're a hardcore gamer then 3600MHz is your need.

Is 3200 Mhz ram overkill?

"No", as the world has invented many heavy and big technologies if you want to be a part of these technologies you need to have a faster system with high specifications. 3200MHz is fast memory but faster memories are also available in the market. So how you can say that 3200MHz is overkill? Probably you don't have an answer to this question.

Do you need 3600MHz ram for Ryzen?

3600MHz is a recommended memory for Ryzen. 3600MHz is the best fit with Ryzen processors to achieve high performance and smooth running. If you have low frequencies Ryzen will also support them but these low-frequency memories will give less performance.

Is 3600 Mhz ram good for gaming?

"Yes", 3600MHz ram is good for gaming but most of the gamers prefer to use 16GB or 32GB memory with 3200MHz or 3600MHz to enjoy better gameplay. 3600MHz offers a great gaming experience without any buffering or lagging.

Is it worth upgrading RAM from 3,200MHz to 3600MHz?

3600MHz RAM is faster than 3200MHz but expensive. It depends on your need, if you're a hardcore gamer then 3600MHz is recommended for you but if you want to use your system for general purposes like office work or other daily routine work then 3200MHz is well enough for you.

Does 3600MHz RAM make a difference?

For AMD Ryzen processors, it makes a difference but for intel chips, you need to enable XMP profile (overclock) to use high-frequency memory over 2666MHz. If you have the latest system then you should go for 3600MHz to get a speed boost.

Is 3200 enough for Ryzen?

3200 enough for general purpose use only, if you want to get a better gaming experience then 3600MHz is recommended. For daily routine work, low-frequency memory doesn't heart and doesn't matter a lot. To avoid buffering and lagging, the high frequency would be a better option.


In this article, you have learned that there is a significant difference between the performance of these two RAMS. If you have read this article then you can make an easy decision to select a perfect RAM for your need. Hopefully, this article will help you to make a better difference between DDR4 3200 vs DDR4 3600 RAM.

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