Are Gaming Laptops Worth it

Are Gaming Laptops Worth it? Should you buy a gaming laptop? These are very big questions and we’re going to answer them in this article. No bias, no agenda, just some honest advice for you.


Are Gaming Laptops Worth it?

If you are a person who moves around and needs a system that can be used for both Gaming and working purpose then a Gaming laptop is an excellent choice for you and definitely worth the money. However, if you never move around and prefer to play your games just at home then Gaming PC  will offer the best value for money

Reasons why a gaming laptop is worth it

All in one device

Gaming laptops have gotten insanely good these days, to the point where you don’t even need a desktop replacement laptop to indeed replace your gaming desktop laptops with 8 core processors, huge graphics chips, and enough bandwidth for multiple displays are commonplace. All are at accessible prices, so you’re not giving up on any part of your future gaming setup.

Easily Portable

Due to the recent development in physical chip sizes, these things are always getting thinner and lighter, so you’re not tied to just using this at home, at a desk.

You can quite literally take this out and about without really compromising.

Power to Handle Heavy workload

Not only will your games run like a dream, but thanks to Gigabytes wind force cooling tech, your PC can remain cool and quiet.

Laptops do exist that will comparatively sip power, most of the big boys do actually rely on some pretty hefty batteries.

They don’t have very good battery life while you’re playing games, and they don’t deliver enough wattage to actually drive this without losing performance. So even if you can play Apex, no matter where you are, you’re going to need some good old AC for full uncompromised gameplay.

Gaming laptops have far more games than consoles

As for the gaming experience itself, it’s gone so far with notebooks in the last few years, it really is quite astounding. Even with the release of brand new 4K consoles, laptops can far exceed their performance levels.

More flexibility & High resolution

You’ve got 360 Hz panels, dual display screens and now even quad HD laptops. So the flexibility to pick the perfect machine for your needs is well and truly there.

And because we’ve had the launches of both the RTX 3000 series and the Radeon 5000 series of graphics.

With the brand new CPUs from both AMD and Intel, it’s not really like you’ve got to worry about massive performance gains incoming and then you’ve missed out because you’ve bought a laptop arguably too early.


Including a standalone display, but then again, a laptop also has a battery and a keyboard.  so I guess they sort of even elves. Put simply, at the current time, a gaming laptop offers brilliant value for money.

Gaming laptops in Future

We suppose technically it would be too late, but you get the idea. I’d say that we’re unlikely to see new mobile graphics chips until probably next year.

So while there definitely will be newer laptops coming along before then, probably with more powerful CPUs, the difference in gaming for most situations will be largely the same.

Gaming laptop vs PC

If you do decide to go for a laptop GPU over a desktop one, you’re not really missing out on any extra features either.

You’re still able to fully access AMD’s FSR, and if you do decide to go for Team Green, you still get your DLSS, your Ray tracing and your shadow plays with a hardware encoder built right into the graphics chip.

It is of course absolutely fantastic that in terms of day-to-day life, we’re returning back to normal slowly. But in terms of PC gaming and importantly, PC graphics cards over on the desktop side, getting hold of one is still very, very difficult. Laptops, however, for the most part, are pretty readily available.

Reasons why a gaming laptop is not worth it

If you’re never going to take your laptop anywhere and you’re just going to use it at home, then I would advise an extremely cautious approach. Because ultimately, if you’re paying all of the money for portability and you’re not using it.

what’s the point? To make matters worse, it doesn’t even end there.

Small Size

The biggest flaw of a gaming laptop, in my eyes, is also its biggest strength.

Their size small is great if you’re going to be lugging your machine around London tube stations, but it really isn’t ideal for thermals and acoustics.

High price

And if you’re looking at anything that is a little bit cheaper and is still very powerful, well, that is a different story entirely.

If you’re looking at buying a gaming laptop, then I think you just have to accept that headphones for the most part really are a must to properly drown out all of the wearing sounds.

If you think a PS Four Pro is bad, you just wait. With some machines you can actually turn the power down, thus lowering the noise, but this will come at the cost of a fair Wadge of FPS.

Likewise, bigger laptops tend to have bigger fans and better cooling potential, but then again, if you go for such a large machine, you’re giving up the thing that makes them a laptop in the first place but their prices increase with features.


Choosing a laptop is a little bit of a weird decision because in many ways it is a fantastic time to buy one.

But fundamentally it still doesn’t change the nature of what actually they are and ultimately who they’re for. If you want to create a proper gaming setup from a portable machine, then you can do some mind-bending things these days, but you only should do this if you need that portability.

Less upgradable

At the end of the day, a portable machine is just that, and even though it can do a fantastic job at replacing your desktop.

They’re significantly less upgradable the long-term price of ownership probably starts to lose out to a properly fully modular desktop solution.

Gaming laptop or pc which is better?

If you’re going to use this as a laptop all the time then it is a no-brainer to pick one up. But if you’re somewhat in the middle then it does get to be a little bit more of a Gray area.

Ultimately what is going to be the right decision? I can honestly say that laptops are just so much better to use now than they used to be and I would indeed consider making the switch if I had an older PC and just mainly PC games.

Ultimately you just need to weigh up the pros and the cons of the possibility. Are you going to get your money’s worth out of going for something like that?

Giving up on desktop GPUs?

You’re willing to make the swap and you’ll make it work for you? Or do you honestly think that the lack of an extra bit of performance and the extra noise is going to annoy you for years to come and you’re going to wish that you had got a desktop computer?

If that’s you then you know what you need to buy. But if you are looking to pick up a gaming laptop then actually coming from someone that’s not usually a huge fan of them. I can say now is a very good time to buy.


Hopefully, your query about “Are Gaming Laptops Worth it?” will be solved and you will be able to make a strong decision.

By the way, I have a love-hate relationship with laptops for several reasons, and I’d say that the biggest way to properly understand whether any laptop is right for you is to properly assess their strengths and weaknesses and then actually see if that’s going to work for your lifestyle.


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