Dell Vostro 3500 Laptop review

Dell Vostro 3500 is one of those laptops that looks modest on the outside but packs competitive performance inside.
Some will be excited with its colorful IPS screen, others with their keyboard and traditional back cooling wins.

In general, it can be a great fit for Home and Office users with its faster processor, SSD drive, and many other great features.

dell vostro 3500 laptop

The case of the Dell is made of strong plastic and offers us our high-quality workmanship. There are some benefits from that for instance, the way it is pretty low at 1.4 kilos.

When opening the cover the hinges offer good resistance and feel solid in our positions. The deck would collide with the soft textured material that creates comfortable verse stress while the bottom of the device is again coated in a durable part-whole dark plastic.



These days, there are still a lot of affordable laptops with average screen resolution. Luckily this Dell has a better IPS screen. So that’s why colors look more vivid from every angle. The display does provide a good color separation in contrast, though color accuracy of around 60% is still average. It’s not a problem for use in the office or web. It is good enough for daily use. In terms of brightness. But if you like to use laptops under the sun, it’s not very easy to read the text on the screen.


The webcam has a little less than one megapixel which is still common in a lot of the latest laptops. It works fine and it has HD video resolution which is good enough for zoom and similar apps. Of course, you can also use it for freestyle.


The performance is evident by the strong benchmark scores. There are still 3500 offers available around performance perfect for a wide array of home and professional apps.

This laptop is equipped with three processor configurations with better equipment is also available. Its latest Processor support up to 5GHz processing speed which is well enough for heavy work.

I3 processor was able to run fortnight on medium settings without any drop in performance. I think it has more than enough powerful weapon Office apps or for Adobe editing or photos or videos. As long as you don’t use too many special effects. It will even work with 4k videos.


It offers up to 16 gigs of RAM, and a very easy drive and RAM upgrade.

Cooling System:

Cooling wise the Dell supplied a standard fan solution for cooling the processor. So it gives high performance by cooling its processor from overheating.


In our Smart Battery Test, which involves browsing the web, showing video, and running games at 70% of brightness, a little 3500 is able to last for five hours before shutting down and this result is above average. Of course, if you run only the Office application, it can last up to seven hours, and if you lower the screen brightness even more.


Below the keyboard are two tiny speakers. Nevertheless, they get a job done. One of them is because produces louder than an average laptop. This is noticeable, especially while you’re using lower volume settings
and they even produce some audible bass to be heard. The high frequency and vocals are comparable with many similar price laptops.

Are Dell Vostro 3500 laptops good?

Yes, of course, they work well to give you maximum performance and you can use this laptop in Sunlight due to its antiglare screen. Dell Vostro 3500 is also available with an 11th generation processor which is too good in its performance.

What generation is Dell vostro 3500?

Dell Vostro 3500 is the 11th generation, and a wide variety of processors with this generation are available in Dell. Its core i3 with this latest generation gives you the maximum performance, Core i7 processor with the same generation is even more powerful.


Overall, the Dell 3500 is a solid laptop if you’re looking to use it for office, web, or entertainment. Its processor is even used for more demanding tasks like editing and casual gaming. As long as you don’t push it over its limits.

Keep in mind that this is still a more budget laptop than a workstation or gaming laptop. We don’t use that word. So it has its limits in terms of color accuracy and limited brightness in direct sunlight. I like the touchpad and keyboard. Battery and sound on other hand are slightly better than on average laptops. So I believe that for the right price it’s one of the better laptops for you.

Thanks for reading this article, hope it will be helpful for you. If we missed any point that you have in your mind, then we will be very happy to hear from you.
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