How to Connect AirPods to HP Laptop?

Are you confused about how to connect AirPods to HP laptop?
In this article, we’re gonna show you how to connect your AirPods to your hp laptop.

So some of the features that you get on Apple devices are not going to be supported. But you’ll get some of the basic features of any headphones. Wireless headphones that you would get through the AirPods here.


How to Connect AirPods to HP Laptop?

Here is the process to connect your Earpods to your hp laptop:

First, remove your Earpods from the box then go into your laptop Start menu. Then type “Bluetooth”, and click on “Bluetooth and other devices settings”. Then click on “Add Bluetooth or other Device”. after a few seconds it will show your Earpods in devices list so you just need to select your Earpods.

What After Connecting

Once it’s connected it will say your device is ready to go connected and the thing you’ll get is voice and music. Pretty much any sort of audio that comes out will come through the headphones. You can also disconnect if you don’t want to connect again. And once you’re done, just hit that, done. And now we are connected.

Now, as we mentioned, all of your audio that usually gets through the speaker of your system will come through here. Once it’s connected here, things like music and voice will come through. However, there are features that will not come through such as Siri. So if you’re speaking using Siri on your AirPods pro, those aren’t going to be recognized because it’s the PC, it’s running Windows and it’s not running iOS.

Switching between iPad and MacBook

You’re also not going to get things like customizing double tap on your AirPods. You won’t get automatic switching like if you’re switching between different accounts or switching between your iPad and your MacBook. You won’t have the same capability. This might have to actually manually connect each time if it’s not being recognized right away.

How to Check Battery

You won’t be able to check the battery on your PC. It won’t tell you the battery percentage like it does when you connect it to an iPhone or MacBook where it shows you the actual percentage of the actual case and the ear pods themselves.

Automatic ear detection

You won’t also have automatic ear detection. You won’t have spatial audio and even transparency mode may not be available on their pods per year. So those are some of the features that won’t be available just because it is an iOS and it’s not supported here.

How to Disconnect permanently

So let’s say you want to disconnect your AirPods. You don’t want it to automatically connect. How can you remove your AirPods pro? Simply click connected devices in your system, and it will have the option to disconnect.

How to Disconnect one time

If you just want to disconnect one time and reconnect later or if you simply want to just forget the device so it never connects, just hit that remove option and it will say yes and it will completely remove it. And next time you want to connect your ear pods you’ll have to go through the same process of adding the device.

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We have discussed each and every aspect of How to connect Earpods to HP laptop and also discussed the missing features on the HP system. Hopefully, you enjoyed this article and your problem is solved.

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