PS6 Release Date | Features, Price , Rumors, and all you need to Know

PS6 release date is around the corner, Are you ready to welcome the big thing? Sit tight, we are going to discuss each and every aspect of the PS6 upcoming model so read this article till the end.

PS5 was released in 2020 and it took about five years to launch. Its development was started in 2015. So what about PS6? The officials have declared that they are already working on PS6 and skipped PS5 pro. Much more things are expected in this new model to give you the next level of entertainment.

There are some rumors about PS6 coming with a 4K Ultra HD display, a new octa-core CPU, and better graphics than ps5. But there is no official statement about this issue from Sony or Microsoft. So it’s hard to say anything about the PS6 release date.


When will PS6 be released?

We all are well aware of the rapid change and revolution in technology. With the speed of changing technology, the PS6 release date 2027/2026 would be a big gap that some people are expecting to release. It’s just a matter of opinion.

PS6 release date

Sony’s Executive VP of Hardware Engineering Masayasu Ito has declared in one of his interviews that PS5’s life cycle is expected about five or six years. So what does it mean that we won’t see the next model till 2026 or 2027 approximately.

We can’t estimate the exact time to come out with the next version of PlayStation by comparing it with the previous models, the time has changed and everyone needs new things to get a better experience for every new upcoming day. Who knows that which type of technology we will be using after 5 to 7 years from now. So guessing so many years for the next PlayStation would not be a good idea. As you know Facebook’s owner “Mark Zuckerberg” is working on many new technologies and they will definitely release a few of them in a few years. So Sony and Microsoft will also release their new technologies in response.

PS4 started developing in 2008 and was released after 5 years and like that PS5 started in 2015 and took 5 years to release. After that stable model, they started working on ps4’s pro model, which was released in the midway of ps4’s launch cycle. Then, should we expect 2027 for the next one? not at all, PS5’s pro model is skipped and the next big thing is definitely around the corner and they won’t wait for so many years to launch their next product.

Changes in Game Console

All the companies try to change the interior and exterior of their new products to enhance the better user experience and manly the performance of their new products. something that is expected here is the downsizing of the overall structure from the previous models and launching USB-port to connect with TV or computer system.

But you better know that companies never reveal their upcoming designs and the features far before launching their products. So there are just our expectations that could be featured in this upcoming model.

PS6 Price

The price will definitely be more than the previous models. What is the reason that the expected price is increased? The answer is straightforward, the price will be increased with the enhancement of technology and specifications. The officials have declared one thing that we will use new technology and higher specifications than the past models. So, by keeping in mind these things the price will definitely be increased and the expected price would be around $600. But it could be more than that, totally depends on what type of technology and specifications will be used.

PS6 Features

AS concerned with the features in the next model, these are just the expectations because nothing is revealed or announced officially. But, much more things are going to change in this model because many things have revolutionized from the last few years. What things are going to be changed and which type of new features would be added in PS6’s model can be summarised on the basis of this changing technology.

Internal storage:

The new model will come with 32GB of GDDR7 memory, if you are aware of the GDDR7 technology that’s many times faster than simple memories. It will be able to give more space to execute a large amount of data at the same time but much faster than its previous model. Your gameplay will run more smoothly without any lagging or buffering.

Moreover, an enhancement in SSD drive is also expected, you will get more storage with extra fast speed. But the storage enhancement is not easy, rather you could attach an external storage device to enhance the storage space for your better use. You will experience a faster memory than the previous models.

Teraflops Target:

A teraflops rating defines the total performance of your GPU, good news for you is that the next generation will contain a more powerful GPU. So the overall speed of the device will be faster and the graphics will be much better than the previous version.

Graphics is something that really matters in any device’s performance, increasing the power of graphics in any device significantly enhances the performance of that device, as the GPU of any device helps its CPU in case of all the visual things. It helps to calculate all the movements of pixels on the screen and provides high-quality videos and images.
So you will experience better graphics in the upcoming model than the previous ones and that would be a great user experience while gameplay.

Built-in wireless Charging:

Technology has changed the concept of each and everything, everything is going wireless. Now that wireless charging is on target, you can expect this modern feature in the upcoming PlayStation model and that would be a great feature.

By implementing this powerful feature the Playstation will be charged without any physical cable meanwhile charging through USB will also be available as optional. This feature will also be able to charge the accessories like headphones or controllers by using the wireless charging feature. That would be an amazing feature of that time. This feature will be available somewhere on the top or at the side of the console and will charge the accessories by putting them on the console.

VR integration:

That’s the most discussed topic these days, VR integration can save from attaching an extra TV screen or computer system. Then VR and console will be available in the same box and definitely, that will be a next-level entertainment to play games in Virtual Reality.

Slim and Smaller design:

Many users were not happy with the little extra size of PS5, and there are thousands of negative reviews regarding this negative point. Now, Sony has decided to reduce the size to tackle this issue. After reducing the size the console will be more comfortable and easy to handle in your hands.

Enhanced UI:

You might experience some flaws in UI with PS5. Perhaps we cant say their flaws, we use to say that some things need to improve like the ‘off’ button taking time to find it sometimes and some other panels as well. So these things will definitely change in Sony’s next generation.

What You need to know about the upcoming PlayStation 6

The PlayStation 6 will be a new console that is supposed to bring back the classic gaming experience. It will also be a much different kind of console than the current model and will have a much more powerful CPU, GPU, Memory, and much more features.
Will be available in two different sizes and the overall size will be slim and more attractive than the previous one to give you better gameplay.


We tried our best to dig out all the underground things about Sony’s next-generation PlayStation6 and the PS6 release date. We are not 100% sure about these things. A better idea can be made near its launch date then we will guide you with some strong evidence. If you know something else that we missed or you want to share your own thoughts on the PS6 release date then we request you to share it with us so that we can add more value to this guide.

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