Clevo NH70 i7 Gaming Laptop unbaised review 2022

Clevo NH70

  Resolution: Although this laptop has a high-quality resolution with a density of 127.3 pixels-per-inch. That’s not an ideal feature, you may find thousands of systems with ultra-high-quality resolution. Battery Life: One of the most negative things in this model is low battery power. The ideal battery time is a maximum of 3 hours. That’s really disappointing. …

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Hp Omen Gaming Laptop vs Asus Rog

Hp Omen vs Asus Rog

The main difference between HP Omen and Asus Rog is that HP Omen has an Intel processor while ASUS Rog has AMD Processor. The Intel processors are considered more powerful as compared to AMD processors. On the other hand, ASUS Rog has a slightly more powerful Graphics card as compared to HP Omen. Also, you will notice …

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Laptop 802.11ac | WiFi Adapters and Laptops User Guide in 2022

Laptop 802.11ac

Are you frustrated with your slow WiFi connection? Or your laptop is not supporting the WiFi? If so, Laptop 802.11ac might be the technology for you. The laptop with an 802.11ac Wifi adapter is capable of downloading at speeds of up to 1300Mbps and upload speeds of 867Mbps. It’s even faster than Google Fiber! In this article, …

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How to Fix Airpods Keep Cutting Out (9 Methods)

How to fix AirPods keep cutting out

Your Airpods Keep Cutting Out from your device and you’re unaware of this annoying issue, right? So, sit tight to fix your Airpods using the best possible solutions that we are going to give you in this article. Read this article till the end to get rid of this annoying issue that makes your “Airpods keep cutting …

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